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אור סיני

אור סיני

Born in Haifa (1988), works mainly in Israel and Los Angeles.

Orr's work crosses and integrates experimental and avant-garde with improvisation and free jazz. as a bassist she also performs in different styles like contemporary and new music.

Orr seeks and explores the art of real time; the risk of unpredictable components; and the authenticity of the specific moment that will never repeat itself.

Her music exists for the sake of one moment, that will change every time it is played, thus keeping its relevance.

As a bassist, and arranger, Orr performed and collaborated with great artists in modern fields (Stephen Horenstein, Ulrich krieger, Bill Frisel, Eyvind Kang, Joe LaBarbara, Nicholas Deyoe, Vinny Golia, Mark Menzies, Michael Fink and more...)

Orr also worked and performed in Indy and jazz bands (Shira Z Carmel and her brasserie, Bint el Funk, Ecout, Tokonoma, Matches...).

As a composer her large pieces have been performed by different ensembles in Israel and LA (The New Century Orchestra, The millennium brass ensemble, The ensemble at CalArts).

Orr recived her B.Mus. from The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (2014) and her MFA from CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) (2017)

She is also the recipient of Siday Fellowship for music creativity By the JICM Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music two times in a row. (2015-2017)

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אוונגרד, אינסטרומנטלי, אלקטרוני, ארט-פופ, ג׳אז, להקה, מוזיקה אמנותית, נויז, רוק מתקדם (פרוגרסיב), אקספרמנטלי (ניסיוני)/ אלתור


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