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אמיליה ריי

אמיליה ריי
Amelia Ray is a travelling composer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and writer, as well as an arranger and producer. This California native has been on the road for over 20 years, performing and collaborating across the Americas, Europe and Africa.

Her compositions reflect the space where everyday simple moments meet the emotional, and reality is mixed with fantasy. As a result her works are at times comical (“Hippest Hipster Love Song”), oft times political (“Full-Blown Ascension”) and sometimes painfully poetic (“Eldoret”). Ray seamlessly weaves multiple genres of music, creating her own style that is as diverse as her subject matter.

An avid researcher of language and skilled interpreter of sound, her renditions of songs by acts like Roxy Music, Squeeze and George Michael showcase her ability to remake works by others and remodel them in her own voice.

Ray has performed in numerous festivals across Europe, most notably at Altstadtzauber Klagenfurt (AT), the International Festival of the Arts of Castille and Léon (ES), and as part of Jazz Festival Madrid. Her compositions have been featured in documentaries and films in Italian, German, Spanish and English.

Inspired by a stay at the Skriduklaustur artist residency in Iceland, Ray composed the literary-themed album Scenes from an Icelandic Novel, based on Gunnar Gunnarsson's The Black Cliffs. This album, which has been in the works for nearly a decade, will soon be released on her own Out of 3 Sigma label. Other projects include her powder pop dance venture Why No Dream, whose debut EP, Cités, was released in September 2018.

זמרת, זמרת-יוצרת, סול, רוק


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