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גנית פינטו

גנית פינטו
Ginger Lemon Honey is a Neo Soul group of seven masterful musicians. They create a new trippy sound, based on heavy grooves, unusual harmonies and soulful vocals. They fuse a delicate tasteful balance of Jazz, Soul, Hip-Hop and R&B. With powerful rhythmic melodies and two backing singers, their show is empowering and energetic, sweeping the audience into their smooth positive energy. Their texts are heavily influenced by Eastern philosophy, with themes such as meditation, nature and self-searching.

The group will be releasing their first EP, "Whales", this summer.
The two singles released so far, "Whales" and "Meditation", have received great reviews, and they are played in all the major radio stations in Israel (GLGLZ, Kan 88, Hakatze and more). The group members are Eyal Matri (Bass), Ganit Pinto (Leading vocals), Yonatan Riklis (Keys), Gil Livni (Guitar), and Ben Simon & Keren Corcos (Backing vocals). In the debut EP Dan Mayo is playing the drums and in the live show they are played by Sharon Petrover.

ג׳אז, זמרת, זמרת-יוצרת, להקה, סול, ר&ב (אר-אנד-בי)


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