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ג׳ודי ענתבי

ג׳ודי ענתבי
Judy Antebi is an Indie-rock musician based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She released her debut album "Chadarim" in 2012. Her Second album "As I Walk" was released in January 2017. “As I Walk” is compiled of songs written in both English and Hebrew. Having a hand in the production has given the album its unique and intimate yet poignant voice.

As well as being a singer song-writer who writes in both Hebrew and English, she is also a talented guitarist. Judy is known for her use of a loop-station during her solo shows. The loop-station is a unique electronic devices that enables Judy to record herself during live shows to create the effect of a complete band, while performing solo. Additionally, Judy performs with a variety of known Indie artists throughout Israel and at times performs with her own band.

In addition to performing, Judy is a guitar teacher and a music therapist. She also spends time working in her Tel Aviv studio where she records and produces music.

אינדי, אלטרנטיבי, זמרת-יוצרת, פולק, רוק


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