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ליאת הבר

ליאת הבר
Leat grow up with an English mother and an Israeli father, and there was always music played
around the house. While getting ready to school she listened to Abie Nathan’s radio station,
The Voice of Peace and in the afternoon she would pick a record from the family collection and
it was played back to front.
As a girl Leat loved to sing, but she was shy and she wouldn’t volunteer to sing at school. She
always looked at the children who sung and hoped that one day she would have the guts to get
up on stage. Only in high school she had the nerve to sing a duet with a friend on Memorial
After the army, Leat decided to travel to Europe. In the beginning she arrived in London and
stayed with her uncle. But after a month of cold weather, she knew she couldn’t handle it any
longer and began her quest for a warm climate. From a previous voyage she remembered that
the summer in the south of Spain is similar to an Israeli summer, and she followed the sun.
After a ferry to France, a bus from Paris to Barcelona, a train to Malaga she finally arrived. Leat
was lucky and she arrived at a festival which took place once a year. After a couple of days, and
after too many drinks later, she took a bus to the festival. Usually she wouldn’t have sung in
public, but she wasn’t in Israel and she couldn’t care less. A few minutes later, a passenger
touched her shoulder and she turned. “You’ve got a very special voice; I really think you need to
consider being a professional singer.” From that moment, Leat’s life changed and she knew
what she wanted to do when she grew up.
Leat came back to Israel and started to take vocal lessons. She also started working in a
restaurant as a singing waitress. After a year she was accepted to Rimon School of Music and
studied there for 2 years. After that period she decided that she was ready to start her musical
career. Leat and her guitarist friend decided to travel to Australia. They performed in small
venues and bars for 6 months. Her friend decid



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