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Ella Swissa

Ella Swissa
I was born on 1997 in the smallest and most southern city of Israel between desert sands - 'Eilat'.
When I was 9 I started to sing and play piano.
In November of 2015 I produced a tribute to Jeff Buckley at the Ozen Bar in Tel Aviv to mark his 49th birthday,
Sixteen musicians performed, including me. The place was full, and the atmosphere was magical.
At the end of 2017, after completing my army service, I moved to Raanana city, to be close to the 'Rimon School of Music' where I started my my music studies.

I'm a songwriter, and have written over 100 songs in English, and more in Hebrew.
Songs I released:
"Fall Into The River": - 2015
"Yellow Tree" – 2016
"The End Of Time" - 2018
"Lilac Dream" – 2019

Artist I feed on :
Jeff Buckley My Bloody Valentine Tori Amos
Billie Eilish Dave Grohl Porcupine Tree

אינדי, אינדי-פופ, אלטרנטיבי, ג׳אז, גראנג׳, זמרת, זמרת-יוצרת, רוק, אר-אנד-בי, שו-גייז


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