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Shai-li Paldi

Shai-li Paldi
Producer and multi-instrumentalist Shai-li, makes much more than minimalistic music. Contained within major and minor notes is an atmosphere of hope and of focus, played by the hands of a young woman in debt of classical training- but not in awe of it.
The demands of dedicated training provided the confidence for experimentation: guitar came soon after piano, and both afforded an in-depth understanding of sound and sound engineering.

Inspiration came from Debbusy, Chopin and Beethoven, and concrete decisions about style were made in her native Israel: the music of the middle east with its rich harmonic heritage is weaved into Shai-li's intoxicating pieces.

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אינדי, אינדי-פופ, אינסטרומנטלי, אלטרנטיבי, אלקטרוני, מוזיקה קלאסית, מוזיקה ניאו-קלאסית


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