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The Israeli movement to advance women in music 

Are you frustrated and astonished with the low percentage of female artists, composers, arrangers, and producers? Are you also struck by the absence of adequate representation of women in musical and artistic management positions and at countless large and small festivals? Well, so are we!

We founded "Kadma" - the Israeli movement to advance women and girls in music, to change that, and other challanges women in the music industry are facing. Read more about our goals below.


We have sisters and sister-movements all over the world, and we are just getting started!

The movement's founders are Tahel Klein, Hadas Trainin, and Amit Amitay, who also serves as the CEO of the movement, and spokeswoman Shira Z. Carmel, who also built the Israeli-Women-in-Music Index (and this website too!).

Feel free to contact us!

Kadma works under the umbrella of the "Tzlilim" Musicians Union (female, male, LGBT and all that's in between).


"Kadma" is here to lead the way and advance significant change to close the gender gap in music, through psychology, sociology, musicology and education - together!

Join us, and we will make "HERstory"!

Great! you're in!

The KADMA Goals:


Building and maintaining a Community for women in all music fields

By creating business and creative connections between female musicians, the community will increase the sense of belonging and capabilities of its members, encourage cooperation, and promote mutual inspiration.


A source of inspiration and assistance for female musicians in overcoming mental and social limitations

As women, we sometimes tend to diminish ourselves and our abilities. Kadma will work to build confidence in our abilities and our self-worth, and stop apologizing while we break the glass ceiling.


A focus on reducing gender gaps in elementary and high school musical education

As discrepancies in music start at a young age, it is imperative to strengthen the self-confidence and nurture of female musicians from a young age and to strengthen their sense of belonging to the world of music.


Providing professional tools and making knowledge accessible to female musicians at different career stages

We will provide tools in professional areas such as music production, instrument playing, and more, as well as in business channels such as marketing, promotion, and more.


Providing girls and boys with role models of female musicians who play, compose, arrange, sound-engineer, and produce

The lack of role models increases the perceptual gaps regarding the sense of capability among women and girls.
Female representation in the media and positive encounters with female role models will inspire people of all ages.


Increasing women's sense of belonging and reducing their discomfort in the music industry

We will contribute to projects to prevent sexual harassment, promote changes that will make the music industry more inclusive for women, and promote equality in women's representation at festivals and cultural events.

Why we chose the name "KADMA"

In Hebrew, "Kadma" means an upbeat that comes before the first note in a musical piece.
In addition, the term refers to the conductor's baton wave to indicate to the orchestra the start of a new musical bar.

Of course, the word in Hebrew also provides a nice word play on the words "advancement" ("Kidma") and promotion ("Kidum"), and even the imperative form of "Advance her!" ("Kadma").

​Just like our chosen name, we aspire for "Kadma" to be a movement that will lead us to a new era in Israeli music. 

We will work to advance women and girls in all fields of music, including performance, composition, arrangement, and production; We will assist women and girls in all musical fields; We will address existing gaps, and we will focus on the overall current womens overall current state. 
We are here to make fundamental and comprehensive changes within the music industry and throughout the nation.

Kadma wishes to thank Anna Gazit for the English translation

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-20 at 19.19.52.jpeg
 Amit Amitay (right) and Tahel Klein hosting the founding conference of KADMA in the Rimon Music school, August 2022
Photo: Shira Z. Carmel
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